28 November 2011

Picnic inspiration

My friend Natalie is having a picnic this weekend to celebrate her upcoming birthday. It's going to be a pretty casual affair with lots of eating, drinking and playing in the park - much as you'd expect at a good picnic!

I'm still trying to decide what to pack in my picnic basket and while I will be focusing on the delicious factor I'll also be making sure it looks as pretty as can be.

Growing up, my family would go on a picnic every Sunday. We'd all hop in Nan and Pop's van and venture to a picnic area somewhere in the region. Sometimes it was a bbq, sometimes just ham sandwiches; always dessert. We'd eat, and then go for a swim or bush walk and then hop back in the van to go back home. It was a pretty nice way to spend each Sunday. When I'm lucky enough to have kids I'll be making sure a picnic is party of our weekly routine.

Here is some inspiration for a lovely picnic...

The oh-so talented Amy at eat drink chic created these 'let's picnic' invitation tags. They're gorgeous and they're free! Click here to download the template

Isn't this the coolest picnic you could think of? Soaking up the sun, sitting around on hay bales, looking sophisticated in white, in France!! It's the White Picnic held at Versailles each year on Bastille Day. Love it!!

Alright, this might have to be my inspiration for my picnic basket. Off to go shopping... and pick some rosemary. 


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