10 October 2013

atlantic / new years

Say hello to my new home. For three days. Over new year. And when I say home, I mean rented accommodation. Good enough for me, I'll make myself right at home. We're heading up to Byron Bay for Falls Festival and after a momentary thought that we might rough it and camp onsite, we booked this beauty of a place - The Atlantic. A great decision I think! Not only do I get to see one of my favourite bands (The Wombats, thanks for asking) but we get to come back to this place at the end of each day. I think coming back from the festival to anywhere with hot running water would have been a highlight but this place will be an added bonus.  

Plus, it was featured on The Design Files. Is there any higher recommendation?! 

If you guys have any tips for what to do in Byron please send them my way - I'd love some ideas. 

Photos via {Atlantic Byron Bay}

7 October 2013


Just getting around to sharing some bright and colourful snaps from Floriade which was held in Canberra a few weeks ago. It's always such a beautiful event and it's fun getting up close and personal with each individual flower. And after a few weeks of really bad hayfever I managed to get through it without even a sneeze! 

photos by {Kate}

10 September 2013

7 vignettes

After seeing my instagram feed fill up with amazing  #7vignettes pictures each month I didn't need to convince myself too much to join in on the fun. September was the second month I played along and it was as much fun as the first. I love the themes set each month by Jen from The Interiors Addict and seeing what everyone comes up with. There are some seriously creative and talented people out there! 

I thought I'd share my images from this month's 7 Vignettes here on the blog. As you can see, I had a bit of a colourful theme going on. I can't wait to see what the themes are for October!

You can check out this month's oh-so cute winning photos here

19 August 2013


Ok, so I haven't been very timely in putting my holiday photos up. We're talking months since I've been back but there were a lot of photos to go through. That's my excuse anyway. 

From Vienna we took a day trip to Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia. The powers that be were looking favourably on us because the day we went happened to be Bratislava for Everyone Day. Good timing on our behalf! All the museums and galleries opened their doors for free, there were folk singers and dancers, medieval parades and concerts in the main square. Score!

I really don't know if Bratislava would have been half as exciting without all the festivities!

14 August 2013

shrink me down to size

Today I'm wishing I was a youngster (or very small for my age, or had a mini-me version of myself) so I could pop to the store and buy these absolutely awesome watermelon print leggings from Seed. Aren't they fab? Seed are also going to town with the flamingo trend, which is my most favourite of trends. 

I actually want every piece in the girls section. I think that means that I'm not particularly grown up, hey? I'd gladly go back to being seven years old if it meant I could dress head-to-toe in flamingo!

I'm also really loving the styling on these photos. Great colour combo for summer and those cut-out props are so sweet. 

25 July 2013

this building

This is the apartment block I'd like to move in to if I were ever to pick up sticks and move to Vienna. A girl can dream! I think they're probably tiny little shoe boxes of apartments but I think I could live with that knowing I could sit out on those oh-so-fancy balconies and watch life go by on the streets below.

11 July 2013

meringue girls

As the Meringue Girls say "cupcakes, cakepops and macarons have had their day. Now is the age of the meringue". Looking at their beautiful creations I think they might be on to something. I saw these little meringues in Selfridges in London on my recent holiday and thought how perfectly proportioned they were. I didn't end up getting to taste one while I was there, probably because I was scoffing my face with some other treat, but after seeing them in the latest issue of Jamie magazine, I knew I had to look them up. 

The Meringue Girls, Alex and Stacey, are both trained chefs and handcraft all the meringues and create the flavours - the mojito one sound especially tasty. These use free range egg whites and they are naturally gluten free.  

I don't see them stocking their meringues in Sydney anytime soon, so I guess that just means I'll need to book another trip back to London - if I must! I'm excited that they have their first book coming out which will be available in September - I shall be purchasing it for myself!