25 July 2013

this building

This is the apartment block I'd like to move in to if I were ever to pick up sticks and move to Vienna. A girl can dream! I think they're probably tiny little shoe boxes of apartments but I think I could live with that knowing I could sit out on those oh-so-fancy balconies and watch life go by on the streets below.

The building is called Majolica House and was designed by Otto Wagner at the end of the nineteenth century. Oh yeah, if I lived there I could also casually mentioned my apartment building was designed by Wagner, as you do. 

Excuse the different lighting in the pics. We got some shots of the building when it was drizzling the first afternoon we got to Vienna and then some more on our last day when the sun was blazing. It was worth a repeat visit. There are some more Vienna photos to share but I thought this gorgeous building deserved a post of its own. It's pretty fab, right?

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