10 October 2013

atlantic / new years

Say hello to my new home. For three days. Over new year. And when I say home, I mean rented accommodation. Good enough for me, I'll make myself right at home. We're heading up to Byron Bay for Falls Festival and after a momentary thought that we might rough it and camp onsite, we booked this beauty of a place - The Atlantic. A great decision I think! Not only do I get to see one of my favourite bands (The Wombats, thanks for asking) but we get to come back to this place at the end of each day. I think coming back from the festival to anywhere with hot running water would have been a highlight but this place will be an added bonus.  

Plus, it was featured on The Design Files. Is there any higher recommendation?! 

If you guys have any tips for what to do in Byron please send them my way - I'd love some ideas. 

Photos via {Atlantic Byron Bay}

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