19 January 2012

1920s glamour

I've always felt like I was born in the wrong era; everything about 1920s style speaks to me. I watched Midnight in Paris last night at the open air cinema (under the stars - what a way to spend a Wednesday night!) and as if the scenes of Paris weren't enough to send me into a year-long daydream, Marion Cotillard's dresses left me in a state of awe.

After going out on a Saturday night and seeing what some girls think is appropriate dress wear (yes girls, your dress is too short when I can see your underwear), it's nice to think back to a time when women were so stylish and sophisticated. The drop-waists, the elegant silhouettes and not baring too much skin all define the style of the time. As someone who has a fairly boyish, up-and-down figure and who doesn't like tight fitting clothes, I really do think I would have looked and felt much more stylish in these types of dresses. Plus, my hair has a natural wave at the front that looks like it has been finger waved by the best 1920s hairdresser - no comb or pins required. (Actually, my hair is more Kramer-esque than 1920s glamourous but for the purpose of this blog post I'll look on it with a positive light.)

Aren't these dresses beautiful? I can't decide which one is my favourite, I think I love them both equally. (Also, it wouldn't hurt to look like Marion Cotillard in them would it?)

Back to daydreaming about Paris...



  1. I so hear you Shelly, especially about the hair, although I think mine would have been equally at home in the 80s. Marion Cotillard is so gorgeous, I think I like the first dress the best. I will have to put Midnight in Paris on my movies to see list.

  2. My hair is pretty 80s most of the time - no crimper required! I do also love 30s and 40s fashion and am loving all the period dramas on ABC - Upstairs Downstairs, Easy Virtue etc x