16 April 2012

reverse garbage

So... this place I went to on the weekend was pretty cool. Reverse Garbage is a re-use centre in Marrickville which sells a whole bunch of, well, pretty random stuff. Companies donate their leftover stock, off-cuts and over-runs and then Reverse Garbage sells it from their warehouse. It's a treasure trove of all sorts of materials which could be used for arts, craft and educational projects. And it's all saved from going into landfill. I had to restrain myself from buying a ten foot street banner from the Sydney Festival this year - because even though it was only ten dollars and bright pink, I really couldn't think of any way to use a ten foot street banner.


  1. You just reminded me of a similar place here in Adelaide - called That's Not Garbage. I haven't been there for years. I must look it up and go again. SO much fun!

  2. They are fun aren't they? I think they are the type of place that you need to visit regularly so you don't miss out on some awesome shipment of goodies.