6 January 2012

happy birthday kate

Wishing my sister a very happy birthday for today. Kate is the other half of sheka designs and is my sounding board for all things creative.

I may be the older sister but that’s just what it says on our birth certificates – she is the more mature and responsible one of the two of us and acts more like the big sister (or maybe I act like the little sister?)

Some things that make Kate awesome…

She is a world wide web extraordinaire – Kate will surf the net for hours trying to find a solution to a query (hello Google); treats online shopping as a competitive sport and finding the best price on anything you could think of (she would have to be one of Amazon’s best customers); and finds the best deals for holidays (5 star hotel for the price of a 3 star - yes please!)

Kate plans fabulous holidays due to her tiresome research (see point above). She is now our family’s personal travel agent. We all think she should quit her day job and organise fabulous holidays for a living. Bring on our trip to San Francisco and Hawaii next month!

Kate introduces me to the best music, blogs, books and tv shows (who knew I’d be a Doctor Who fan?)

Kate is brutally honest in her feedback to me in only the way a sister can be. She tells it like it is – whether it’s my fashion choices, blog posts or card designs. This hopefully produces the best work from me.

... And countless other reasons that people who know and love her are clued in on already.

Happy Birthday Kate!!


(Check out those matching swimsuits made by Mum – how cute are we?!)

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  1. Aww beautiful. One thing that does make me sad about not having further children is that my little girl won't have a sister. Belated birthday wishes to Kate. x x