8 January 2012

workspace daydreaming

I have been daydreaming about workspaces all day after having a clean up of all my supplies and stationery in my lounge room, which due to the size of my apartment, is my workspace. My drawers and bookcases are full of paper, envelopes and ribbon; there is hardly a surface or space that doesn't have something crafty on or in it. 

What I would do for a whole room, or even a dedicated corner, with a desk, beautiful chair, mood board and lovely, lovely storage space. 

Back to my daydreaming...


1 comment:

  1. I only got my dedicated writing space happening at the end of last year, and am loving slowly turning it into my inspiration zone. Loving the rug in the first one, but my eyes are drawn to yellow at the moment, so I'm loving the last picture. When you do eventually get your own space it'll feel like heaven - and I bet it'll look amazing.