14 February 2012

diy name bunting

I whipped up some name bunting as a birthday card for a gorgeous little man turning one recently using materials I had in my craft cupboard. A lovely friend kindly asked how I made it so here is a quick step-by-step on how I put it together. I hope you see how easy it is and try it for yourself. I made mine as a birthday card but obviously you can make it to say whatever you want and hang it wherever you want!

  • Scrap card stock 
  • Wooden letters (I picked mine up at Typo
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Ruler
  • Small hole punch
  • Corner punch
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors or stanley knife

How to make it:
  • First off decide what size you want your squares to be. I made mine 7cm square so the wooden letters would be in proportion. Rule up your paper and cut out the squares with scissors or a stanley knife - or a guillotine if you have one on hand like me. 
  • Now this step isn't necessary if you don't have a corner punch but I like to round off my edges – because I think everything looks better with rounded edges!
  • Next punch two small holes in the top of each corner for the ribbon to thread through.
  • Now it's time to stick your letters onto each piece of card. I prefer double sided tape but I'm sure a good glue stick would be strong enough to hold these little wooden letters.
  • Now, you're nearly finished... Get your ribbon and thread through each hole making sure there is enough on each side for the bunting to be hung up. 

I used some leftover bright card that I thought was suitable for a one year old but you could of course use any colour card you had lying around and pair it with some fabulous ribbon (I'm thinking navy blue card with a blue and white striped ribbon would work perfectly). You could also paint the wooden letters or cover them with glitter to glam them up. 

Voila - personalised name bunting! If you're using it as a card write your message on the back on one of the pieces (or all if you're known for long messages) and pop it in an envelope. The recipient will love getting such a personal and special card - whatever the occasion may be.

I hope you've enjoyed this diy tutorial and try it for yourself. I'd love to see your creations!


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