1 June 2012

photo a day may

May is over and with it the photo a day challenge set up by Fat Mum Slim. This was my first month participating and this is what May looked like in my world. No surprises it had a hint of pink. Over one million images were shared on instagram for #photoadaymay. That's a pretty crazy number. Check out the list for June and start snapping. 

May photo a day... 
peace / skyline / something you wore today / fun! / bird / you / someone that inspires you / a smell you adore / something you do everyday / a favourite word / kitchen / something that makes you happy / mum / grass / love / what you're reading / snack / something you made / a favourite place / something you can't live without / where you stand / pink / technology / something new / unusual / 12 o'clock / something sweet / the weather today / a number / your personality / something beautiful

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