12 June 2012

winter warmer

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I have been a terrible blogger of late. I've been itching to dedicate some time to ever so pink but life keeps getting in the way. I've just spent the long weekend putting together 175 wedding invites for a friend of mine. It was quite a big job but they turned out perfectly and I know the lovely couple are excited to be sending them out to their loved ones. The invites were a navy and pink combination with a pop of silver on the front. Oh they are so pretty! I look forward to sharing some photos with you soon. 

It's well and truly winter now; an extra blanket has been put on the bed and I'm never too far away from my hot water bottle, except for when I'm at work (I'm not too sure it's socially acceptable to have a hot water bottle at work). Hope you're all keeping warm and drinking lots of hot chocolate and snuggling in cable knit blankets. 


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  1. I think winter might be a bit more bearable with some of the gorgeous winter warmers above. Can't wait to see the invitations. Keep warm xx