28 May 2013

first stop: munich

First stop on our trip was Munich for Friday afternoon and the next morning. We were a little jet-lagged but we managed to take in the sites. I didn't get any photos of them but there were endless stalls selling the reddest and freshest looking strawberries and raspberries you've ever seen - for one euro a punnet! And in the space of two blocks there were at least five H&Ms. I was in heaven! 

I love Europe with all the copper domes and statues. And Germany was totally impressing me with their awesome typography - there was Futura everywhere which is my favourite font.  And then there was a giant red apple. 

On the Saturday morning we stumbled upon a theatre company selling off all their costumes, props and promotional posters. We did seriously think about getting one of these chairs but came to the conclusion they wouldn't fit in the overhead lockers of the plane. 

Then there were these crazy people... Surfing in the river when it was about ten degrees. I was cold just watching them. It did look fun though!

Next stop: Innsbruck... snow and inappropriate footwear. Photos to follow soon. 

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