24 June 2013

salzburg: the hills are alive...

I don't think I fully appreciated how photogenic Salzburg was when we were there. Probably because I spent the whole time with the full Sound of Music soundtrack on rotation in my head - it didn't leave much room for any other thoughts. My apologies if random lyrics creep into this post. ('I have confidence in confidence alone...') Of course we had to do a Sound of Music tour - when in Salzburg right? We saw the back of the Von Trapp family house, the front of the house - which is a totally different house, the gazebo ('I am sixteen going on seventeen') and the church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp got married. I didn't get to run around in the grass singing 'the hills are alive..' but that was probably best for everyone around me. We also didn't cut up the curtains and make matching outfits. 

The street signs on this main shopping street were so beautifully crafted. Even the McDonalds had a fancy sign, although I couldn't get a great photo of it.

It's not a trip to Germany or Austria without a giant pretzel or two!

Again, we basked in the snow covered mountains surrounding us although they weren't as close as in Innsbruck. I ate my first of many schnitzels of the trip, nearly froze to my core in the big cathedral in the city centre because for some random reason they had seriously cranked up the air-con, and we took about a thousand photos of this guy standing on top of the giant gold ball.

I realised I also forgot to mention that my sister Kate took all the photos from the trip - thank you Kate. You can also see the photos from Munich and Innsbruck if you so desire.

Hope I have set you all off on verse of Do Re Me Fa So La Ti...

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