22 June 2013

pucker up (happy weekend)

Happy weekend everyone. Hope you've all had a great week. A hot water pipe burst in the bathroom into my bedroom this week so I have had to move most of my furniture out of there and set up camp in the lounge room waiting for the carpet to dry. There wasn't any damage to my things fortunately, just some wet, smelly carpet! I'm very much looking forward to having my bedroom back soon. 

I saw this artwork by Jason Brooks on Pinterest this week and it's now definitely on my wish list. I love the softness of the watercolours. These are some close ups of the original image. Maybe I could use the temporary move out of my bedroom as a chance to redecorate - starting with this artwork. 


  1. Oh yuk. Smelly carpet is not pleasant. Glad to hear there was no other damage though. Get the artwork! It's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Alana. The carpet now has some stain remover on it which is equally as smelly - but at least it's clean and dry! Hoping I can move back into my room by the end of the week. x